Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Just a little story about Ylang Ylang

I am not what you would call an "even-keel" person. I am either really up or really down. I feel things very deeply and make a lot of decisions based upon my feelings. (I know. I need to work on that!)

As a result of this, my stress level tends to be high. Stress can be either good or bad. You can have good stress: getting to know a new person we really like better, developing new skills, achieving a goal, etc. But there is also bad stress: I don't really think I need to list examples of those!!

This past year has been somewhat stressful for me. And not a good stress kind. My 6 year old has been evaluated and diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder and is in the process of being diagnosed with high-functioning autism (what used to be known as Asperger's). This has been a stressful time for me. Not because of the diagnoses, but because of the daily life at home. Dealing with what these disorders bring to our home life.

I have been under my doctor's care for hypertension. I have been evaluated for high blood pressure - my top was 159/104. I'm 32 years old. I should not be having issues with this high of blood pressure. Yet, there it is. I was having to take my blood pressure once a day for a month and submit the results to my doctor. I saw the pattern of high BP and high pulse and was not happy.


I looked through my literature (namely The Higley) and found that Ylang Ylang is excellent for helping hypertension. So I began using it. I started putting it over my heart but then I switched to my inner forearms. 2 drops every morning. 

I took my blood pressure yesterday and it was 104/86!!!!!!! People, you can't get better than that!!!! It's not been that good for a LOOOOOOOONG time!


Do you have a story of how oils have helped your immediate health? I'd love to hear!!!

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  1. That's awesome! So glad it's worked for you. I've got my eye on Ylang-Ylang, but mainly for the scent. I'm looking for a new perfume to take the place of my old, conventional [dangerous] kind. Would you say it's a lovely smell?

  2. Ylang Ylang has a different kind of scent. I'm not sure that I would personally use it as a perfume. It also has other side effects of (ahem) amorous proportions! (If you catch my drift!) Have you tried Joy? That is a GREAT one for a perfume!!!!

    Thanks for stopping by!!!!