What is Essential Rewards?

When I first got into Young Living Oils, I was SO confused on what Essential Rewards (ER) was! So I just left it alone. Boy do I regret that!!!

Essential Rewards is basically YL's "frequent customer card" kind of thing. When you sign up for ER, you have to spend at least 50PV each month. You are placed on an autoship, which means you get oils every month. You choose a day for your order to go through - mine is the 4th of every month. Then you have the option of keeping your order the same every month OR you can change it up and get new oils each month. As long as what you order values at least 50PV, you are good to go.

Sounds good, but what's the point? What makes it better than just ordering when you feel you need to?

AAHHHHH!! Yes! This is what makes ER so wonderful! When you are an ER customer, not only do you get cheaper shipping, YOU GET FREE STUFF!!!

For every month you continue to use ER autoship, you get a percentage of your order that you can use to order free products. You do still have to pay shipping. But who doesn't love free products?! And trust me, if you are anything like me, it will add up fast!!! Here's the breakdown:

a. First six consecutive months of participation: 10 percent of order Pv
b. Second six consecutive months of participation: 15 percent of order Pv
c. Thirteenth month and beyond: 20 percent of order Pv


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